EIF World Energy Congress and Expo will be held on November 02-03, 2020 will be held digitally for the first time. 

Our congress to be held digitally has become Türkiye's largest mixed energy event. EIF Congress has brought pioneering local-foreign leaders, ministers and invvestors together on an international platform since its debut. 

To this day, Energy Ministers of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the United States of America, TRNC, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, Mozambique have attended to the opening ceremonies of our congress with their delegations. 

Last year 200 speakers and 14.000+ delegates have attended our congress which feels the pulse of the Energy sector, and the delegates had the chance of acknowledging Turkish and Global energy markets in this well-qualified platform. 

We will discuss below subjects at our congress this year where senior public authorities together with many academic and non-governmental organization representatives and leading professionals of the energy sector are invited as speakers; 

  • Evaluation of the World and Turkish Energy Markets,
  • Renewable Energy Acquisition Agreements (YETA),
  • Renewable Energy Resources Area (YEKA) Competitions, Renewable Energy Investments,
  • Solar Energy,
  • Wind Energy,
  • Geothermal Energy,
  • Biomass Energy,
  • Hydropower,
  • Recent Developments in Electricity Distribution,
  • Oil and Gas Exploration, Production and Distribution,
  • Turkish Petroleum and Natural Gas Markets,
  • Environment and Climate Change,
  • Power Generation from Coal Resources,
  • Nuclear Energy,
  • Finance of Energy Investments,
  • Energy Safety,
  • International Energy Projects,
  • Evaluation of Turkish Energy Legislation,
  • National and International Energy Commerce,
  • Technological Developments in Energy Investments,
  • Operation, Maintenance and Modernization of Power Plants,
  • Energy Efficiency,
  • Smart Cities,
  • Electric Vehicles,
  • Power Storage,
  • Gas Storage,
  • Localization in Energy Technologies,
  • Waste-to-Energy Generation,
  • Biogas,
  • Energy Investments,
  • Solar Panels,
  • Hydropower Plant,
  • Roof Solar Energy,
  • Energy Transmission Lines,
  • Co-generation,
  • Energy Storage.

EIF World Energy Congress which will be closely monitoreds through live streams by national and international media institutions will contribute to Turkey's development process in conformity with its position on energy corridors.

We hope to meet you at the EIF World Energy Congress and Expo which will bring all shareholders of the World energy sector together digitally this year. 

King regards,

EIF International Team





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